Why Do Scientists Use Genetic Engineering to Make Insulin? (Opinion Piece)


When it comes to insulin, there are a lot of questions. Why is it so expensive? Why don’t we use insulin from animals anymore? Why do we use the more expensive stuff?

I think there are some valid reasons on why pharmaceuticals chose to only sell insulin made from DNA replication. One of the points is that it relates better to our systems.

If scientists can make insulin as close to human’s as possible, then it theoretically should work the best. This is usually the case. The insulin today allows people to go longer without needing it. Not only that, but it matches up with our DNA very well.

This was one of the biggest reasons for going away from the animal protein. However, some people react better from the animal insulin.

I think the question, “Why would scientists use transformation to make insulin proteins?” comes down to a search for a perfect medicine. Everyone wants diabetes to be cured. The next best thing would be a perfect insulin that created no problems.

That is why scientists used transformation to create proteins. Their goal was to find a solution to this problem. The insulin might be better for people, but it cost a lot more money.

Scientists use genetically modified bacteria in order to produce the insulin that is needed. Scientists use these because they need to make mass amounts of it.

With the diabetes epidemic that is dropping upon this country, insulin is in high demand. Therefore, scientists can’t naturally make enough of it to keep up with society.

They have to take materials and modify them in order to produce mass amounts. That then brings up the question of “why do they use a more expensive process and not offer the cheaper option?”

This is not a conspiracy that pharmacists are in this for the money. I think that in the case of insulin, they have the best interests of the person in mind. However, I think drug companies believe that people would not buy the cheaper version. Therefore, it never gets produced.

You can access it inside of countries like Canada, but it is not sold in the United States. Overall, scientists use transformation to make insulin proteins because they believe it is the best way to serve the general public.

As with all genetically modified drugs, this one is debated a little bit. Is it ethical? I tend to not hear the argument a lot because of the desperate need of insulin in this country. However, it is something to discuss.

I would guess that scientists believe that this is the best way to serve the general public. They aren’t hurting anyone through the transformation process. They are just producing the drug necessary to save lives of millions of people.

Before the production of insulin, diabetes was a fatal disease. People would normally die due to DKA because they couldn’t get treatment fast enough.

Overall, scientists use transformation to make insulin proteins more than likely because they think that is what is best for people suffering from diabetes.