The Big Risk Factors of Developing Heart Disease

People with diabetes are twice as likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke. There is strong evidence of a link between diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Two out of every three people that have diabetes will die due to heart disease or stroke. Therefore, it is very important that we learn about heart disease, so we can be on top of this disorder before it develops.

According to the American Heart Association, AHA, diabetes is one of the top seven major risk factors that are controllable when it comes to heart disease (AHA, 2016).

Even if you are controlling your blood glucose levels and keeping them inside of your target range, you are still at risk of having heart issues later on in life. Normally, this is due to other conditions that you might have that is related to your diabetes.

High blood pressure is very common among people who have diabetes. It is also one of the biggest factors when it comes to developing cardiovascular disease. Therefore, you need to keep your blood pressure levels under control. Exercise and a healthy diet are a great way to maintain it.

Also, high levels of bad cholesterol are a major risk factor in developing heart disease. It is important that you eat good cholesterol and cut out as much bad cholesterol as possible.

Obesity is one of the biggest factors in determining the development of heart disease. It is suggested that a person who is obese or overweight should cut between 5% to 7% of their body fat.

This will help you control your blood glucose levels. Not only that, you will lower your risk for developing heart disease. Exercising and eating a healthy diet will help you reach this goal.

A lack of exercise is a contributing factor to this condition as well. If you are not exercising currently, you need to talk to a doctor about a workout plan.

It is important that you do around 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. This will help strengthen your heart. Not only that, exercise allows you to control your blood sugar levels better. Therefore, make sure that you are taking the effort to start being physically active.

If you are not controlling your blood sugar, then you are putting yourself at an even higher risk. You need to check your blood sugar throughout the day in order to keep it inside of your target range. It is good to check before and after meals.

Finally, if you smoke you are at a way higher risk of developing heart disease. Talk to your doctor about quitting as soon as possible. Smoking cause several problems, and it is important that you get on top of this right away.

Overall, it is important that you control these risk factors. If you have several of these risk factors, talk to your doctor about making progress to presenting heart disease.

The sooner that you get on top of this battle, the better chance you have of winning.


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