Resisting Insulin the Battle Against Type 2: Part Two

Type 2 diabetes is a medical condition that should be taken seriously. It can cause severe diseases such as cardiovascular and kidney disease. According to Ann Pietrangelo, over 29 million people have type 2 diabetes (Pietrangelo, 2016). It is very scary when you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. However, you can win the battle against it.

One of the main things to do in order to achieve victory is to eat a healthy diet. Monitoring your blood sugar to make sure that it remains in the suggested levels is key. Also, eating healthier foods that do not have trans fats or high amounts of sodium are important.

You should also have great communication with your doctor. This will help you create a foundation that is necessary to succeed in this battle. Taking the prescribed medication in the correct dosage and at the right time is also important. Two areas that are also necessary are exercise and frequent testing of blood sugar.

Doing at least 150 minutes of cardio exercises a week is a great way to start. Cardio exercises will not only help you balance your blood sugar, but it will also strengthen your heart. Since cardiovascular disease is the cause of death for 50% of people with diabetes, this is extremely important. Cardio workouts will help you maintain a healthy heart.

Consistent physical activity will also help make your body more efficient at using insulin. Exercise lowers the amount of stress you have, which helps maintain a balance of insulin and blood sugar. Therefore, exercise is essential to prevailing over type 2 diabetes. It is suggested to do a lot of stretching before workouts. Include about one to two days of 30-minute strength workouts as well. Walking is a great exercise to do that is not very strenuous on the body.

If you are currently not exercising, you should communicate this to your doctor. He or she will be able to help you get a workout plan going. It is also wise to track your blood sugar before, during, and after specific workouts. It is possible for blood sugar to plummet or skyrocket depending on the activity of choice. Keeping good notes will help your doctor and yourself make the best physical activity decisions.

Secondly, Pietrangelo suggests to “use a home monitoring system to test your own blood sugar levels between visits to your doctor” (Pietrangelo, 2016). Your doctor will tell you how often you should use the monitoring system and what your target blood sugar range should be. This will make it easier to track your blood sugar, allowing you to make changes to keep it in the target range.

Overall, exercise and frequent testing of blood sugar are great ways to combat type 2 diabetes. Although it may seem hard, you are not alone. Over 29 million people have type 2 diabetes. You can do it! It will take some effort, but utilizing your doctor will put you in the right direction in fighting this battle.



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